Hurricane Relief Opportunity | Help Those in Florence's Path

Hurricane Relief Opportunity

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Several of you have inquired about ways to help out the people who are in the path of  Hurricane Florence which is bearing down on North Carolina.  We are preparing as a school and church to send aid to the victims of this storm.  If you would like to donate needed items for this cause, feel free to bring any of these selected cleaning items only to Cedar Lake Christian Academy during school hours or Cedar Lake Christian Assembly this Sunday and next Sunday.  We are only sending cleaning items.  No food, water, nor clothing will be accepted at this time.  

Clorox wipes
Paper towels
Disposable gloves
Lysol spray
Dust pans
Pine sol
Toilet bowl cleaner and brushes
and Buckets. 

Another thing that you can do is provide hand written cards of encouragement to whomever may receive it in North Carolina.  

This Sunday and next Sunday the church will have an enclosed trailer parked outside near the entrance of the church auditorium.  You can drop off your donated items in the trailer as you arrive on Sunday morning.  Thanks for loving our neighbors in North Carolina.  Thanks in advance for giving to those in need.  God bless!